contemporary artists

Artist Christoffer Relander

Peerfume by Christoffer Relander

The artist (b 1986) lives and works in Raseborg, which in turn is a Finnish town of cultural significance inhabited by a predominantly Swedish-speaking population….

Guy Denning

Guy Denning

There is much to be said about the mixed-media work of this emigré artist, but if we were to point out one thing to take…

Regarding the art of Monika Mysiak

Monika Mysiak

With their obvious hints of intimate female form, some would quickly call this art erotic. Of course it is a fine coarse label to place…

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer a.k.a. +Brauer

+brauer art

Every artist has a toolbox and a mental framework. For Bruno Lefevre-Brauer those two overlap in a clever way which resonates with the popular word…

Terri Duan

The Dream Catcher

The artist Terri Duan is significant for a highly individualised flavour of art that manifests itself in canvases depicting dreams of sorts. Dreams, of course,…

Anouk Griffioen


The artist Anouk Griffion orchestrates a special blend of reality and imagination into impactful compositions that include flora and fauna in a kind of dream…

Artist profile of Jeanne Opgenhaffen

art from jeanne opgenhaffen

To put it bluntly, art often fits into certain genres and so do their artists. With painters for instance, there are thirteen to a baker’s…

Etienne Gros

Etienne Gros in Studio

Dark seemingly mono-chrome zones with pigment traces from saturated colours, and contours of superb line variations characterise the art of Etienne Gros. Then there are…

Steven Doffman

Steven Doffman: Witness

The British artist Steven Doffman, who now lives and works in New Zealand, is behind some baffling and strongly charged images that can make you…

Hermann Reimer


The artist was born in Münster, Westfalia in 1959; and completed his education in painting at UdK in Berlin. Today he has a number of…