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The work of artist Lisa van Noorden

Artist Lisa van Noorden

The Dutch artist Lisa van Noorden is currently taking part in three art events. One at the Amsterdam Light Festival with work which – you’ve…

Sculptor Stefan Nenov

Kiss The Pixels: a sculpture by Stefan Nenov

The sculptor and artist Stefan Nenov enjoys sculpting in wood. The Bulgarian national lives and works in London, where much of his time is spent…

On the art of Robert Motelski

Robert Motelski - Water 20 April 09:22, oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2013

The painter works on canvasses using both oils and acrylics. In the process, the artist boils landscapes down to their very essence, and the resulting…

Underwater sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires underwater sculpture

As a fine art sculptor you could settle for creating structures that said something poetic or profound by their shape and presence alone. But that…

Artist Tomasz Cichowski

Artist Tomasz Cichowski

When the title multimedia artist sits comfortably with the Polish artist Cichowski it has not just something to do with him having graduated in multimedia…

Artist Christoffer Relander

Perfume by Christoffer Relander

The artist (b 1986) lives and works in Raseborg, which in turn is a Finnish town of cultural significance inhabited by a predominantly Swedish-speaking population….

Guy Denning

Art by the urban artist Guy Denning

There is much to be said about the mixed-media work of this emigrĂ© artist, but if we were to point out one thing to take…

Regarding the art of Monika Mysiak

Painting by Monika Mysiak

With their obvious hints of intimate female form, some would quickly call this art erotic. Of course it is a fine coarse label to place…

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer a.k.a. +Brauer

Robots by Bruno Lefevre-Brauer or +Brauer

Every artist has a toolbox and a mental framework. For Bruno Lefevre-Brauer those two overlap in a clever way which resonates with the popular word…

Terri Duan

Terri Duan - The Dream Catcher

The artist Terri Duan is significant for a highly individualised flavour of art that manifests itself in canvases depicting dreams of sorts. Dreams, of course,…