contemporary artists

Etienne Gros

Etienne Gros in Studio

Dark seemingly mono-chrome zones with pigment traces from saturated colours, and contours of superb line variations characterise the art of Etienne Gros. Then there are…

Steven Doffman

Steven Doffman: Witness

The British artist Steven Doffman, who now lives and works in New Zealand, is behind some baffling and strongly charged images that can make you…

Hermann Reimer


The artist was born in Münster, Westfalia in 1959; and completed his education in painting at UdK in Berlin. Today he has a number of…

On Tehos and his art


The soft-spoken artist has adopted his first name as his preferred artist identity. You soon realise that he is a World citizen who has shared…

Pierre-Yves Riveau also known as PEZ

the artist PEZ

Two years ago we would probably not have rated this PEZky character as a potential genius let alone a fine artist; and then suddenly he…

Jonathan Ball

Art of Jonathan Ball

The intricate and colourful world of Jonathan Ball is inhabited by creatures that have been informed by a life-long exposure to game- and cartoon culture. The…

Artist Alejandro Saavedra Solano

Mamut - painting of Alejandro Saavedra

Compositions of rich image density in bright confident colours might be one way to sum up the works of the Peruvian artist. He has resided…

The artist Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut

Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut

From a studio in Warsaw, the artist Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut creates some stunning figurative but slightly abstract art. These manifestations have a unique signature style, and…

Adam Martinakis

inMotion_004 by Adam Martinakis

If you wade through a fair amount of art, you begin to categorise it in your own head or apply some label once issued by…

Mogens Leander

Artist Mogens Leander

In a studio in Kolding, Denmark you find a seasoned artist who has become a household name in many homes, offices and places of worship….