contemporary artists

Niki Feijen

Niki Feijen

The unlikely pair of beauty and decay go hand in hand when the Dutch Photographer Niki Feijen documents abandoned buildings. For the artist, it all…

Sammy Slabbinck – master of quirkiness

Sammy Slabbink

The Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck (b 1977) has a certain knack for turning the world upside-down and creating bizarrely superb collages. From his base in…

Blandine Bardeau

Blandine Bardeau

Without us being able to explain why, exactly, there is something very feminine and perhaps even something playfully feline about the art of Blandine Bardeau….

Spartacous Cacao

Spartacous Cacao

Granted, political art can do many things; but it is also a double-edged sword which is frequently misappropriated and which impact can win you friends…

Douglas Jeal

Sculpture by Douglas Jeal

The artists is first and foremost a sculptor preoccupied with the ways in which we communicate ideas through light, place, colour and form. As so…



Your walls want works from the British artist TRXTR (Trxtr) even if their prickly demeanour make them divisive marmite characters and the cacti of the…

Flavio Falena

Art by Flavio Falena

Born in Naples in 1981, the Italian artist Falena creates art that some might categorise as urban or grunge in terms of its appearance. But…

Anna Maria Papadimitriou

Art by Anna Maria Papadimitriou

The Greek artist displays a prodigious talent for painting. It is all so soft, tender and balanced. The canvases have a subtle underlying structure evident…

On the art of Claire Pestaille

The Screenwriter by artist Claire Pestaille

Claire Pestaille lives and works in London when she is not out and about exhibiting internationally. Her art is increasingly being recognised and acquired by…

Fine art film photographer Paul Cooklin

Paul Cooklin

Paul Cooklin lives and works in Suffolk, UK. He is behind a body of work in black and white as well as colour C-type print…